Senses of Cinema - World Poll 2016

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Senses of Cinema - World Poll 2016

Postby Precious Doll » Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:47 am

Senses of Cinema is a website based in Melbourne which has numerous article published online throughout the year. It's a rather highbrow site and I must admit that I have little time to read it.

At the end of every year they invite contributions and readers to submit their best of the year lists. There is an appreciation that because of different release dates around the globe, etc that films on lists can basically come from any year.

I've been contributing my 10 top for a number of years now (though missed out last year through a clerical error - not that it mattered much 2015 was not such a great year). Anyway for anyone interesting in participating here are the details of how to do so including a link to site.

Worth noting that on the all-time top ten's list our very own Damien had lodged his contribution. Also, you do need to include your 'real name' on your list should be wish to participate. The following is the contents of the email I received this week for those who may wish to contribute:

For the thirteenth iteration of its World Poll, Senses of Cinema invites contributors and readers to nominate the best films of 2016, with the results to be posted online in early January 2017.

You may choose to limit your choices to titles released in your country of residence during the year, or select from everything you saw within 2016. This can include commercial releases, screenings at film societies and film festivals, as well as straight-to-DVD titles, retrospectives and films released on streaming services during 2016.

Your list should not be exhaustive: please do not just list every film you have seen this year, old or new. The focus for the World Poll is on your best films of this year – so be discerning! Regarding retrospective titles, we ask that you restrict such mentions to those seen at the cinema or a festival, or those newly released on DVD or streaming platforms (or otherwise made available for the first time) in 2016. This is not a forum to list all your catch up viewing; your list must relate to viewing that could only happen in 2016.

Submissions should primarily consist of lists (with a minimum five films), which may be briefly annotated or not according to your preference, and can be organised however you see fit (alphabetically, ranked, grouped etc). You are also welcome if you wish to include a short general reflection on the year in cinema which must not exceed 300 words. No matter how you decide to approach your list, it should provide a snapshot of your best film experiences in 2016.

Each film title must be listed in the original language (except for Japanese, Chinese and Russian, and so on, where transliterations are preferred), accompanied by an English translation (if required), the director's name and the film's release date. The title must be as given on the film, with accents included. For example: Der traumhafte Weg (The Dreamed Path, Angela Schanelec, 2016).

Please remember to include your author by-line (no more than one line). Please do not include any hyperlinks or URLs in your byline.
The deadline for contributions is Thursday 22nd December 2016 (Australian EST). However, Senses would greatly appreciate submissions as soon as possible. Please email your submissions to

Entries will be published at Senses of Cinema’s discretion. All submissions will receive an acknowledgement of receipt after December 22. The World Poll will be posted on Senses of Cinema in the first half of January 2017.

If you wish to review last year’s World Poll, it is accessible at ... orld-poll/
Thank you, and we look forward to your contributions,

Mark Freeman
Editor at Senses of Cinema
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