The VCR / DVR / Streaming Alert Thread

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Postby dws1982 » Tue Jul 15, 2008 11:23 pm

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Sister Kenny before I deleted it. I've been working my way in a rough chronological order, and still had some that had been sitting on there since January with no action. It's frustrating, because that was my only 1946 Actress nominee still unseen. (Although To Each His Own needs to be seen again; It's been over a decade since I saw it on TCM or AMC.) And 1946 is one of the years I've put a lot of focus into catching up on this year. TCM does air it in October, though, so I can re-record it then.

Thanks for those recommendations. 1952 is another year I'm hoping to put a lot of focus on, so Never Wave at A WAC will fit in with that. TCM may show a studio print. TCM aired Two Women earlier this year, which is only available in the States in godawful ugly public domain copies, and they apparently aired a beautiful print. (It's one of those on my DVR, but not yet watched.)

Night Must Fall is one I would've completely overlooked if you hadn't pointed it out; thanks for that.

And I didn't realize that A Thousand Clowns wasn't out on DVD yet. (And I wonder what's holding Wings up too.)

Confessions of A Nazi Spy I was meaning to ask about; I had liked Litvak's Decision Before Dawn a lot when I saw it a few years back.

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Postby Big Magilla » Tue Jul 15, 2008 9:45 pm

Hopefully you got to see Sister Kenny before it was deleted. One of the best biographical dramas of the 40s with a wonderful performance by Roz as the crusading Australian nurse.

I believe Roz's earlier Oscar nominee, My Sister Eileen, was also on TCM this month. Right now they're showing A Majority of One which might have gotten her a nomination if the competition wasn't so strong in 1961.

Knock on Any Door is available on DVD in Region 2, which hopefully means it's only a matter of time before this under-rated classic comes to Region 1.

Coming up on TCM (all times Eastern):

11/16 - 11:30 AM - Never Wave at a WAC (Rosalind Russell, Marie Wilson) - silly, but popular in its day, has been available in horrible public domain copies forever - it would be interesting to see if TCM shows a studio print.

11/22 8 PM - Night Must Fall (Robert Montgomery, Rosalind Russell, Dame May Whitty) - for years the Enclopedia Britannica used a scene from the stage version of this film in which Dame May does something near the end of the film - if you've seen it, you'll know which scene I mean - to illustrate the art of acting.

7/23 3:45 AM - A Thousand Clowns (Jason Robards, Barbara Harris, Martin Balsam) - a film I like less every time I see it but an important one of its time.

7/24 9:30 PM - Confessions of a Nazi Spy (Paul Lukas, Frances Lederer) - one of the first and best (1939) of Hollywood's anti-Nazi propaganda films.

7/28 2 AM - Wings (Clara Bow, Buddy Rogers, Richard Arlen) - the first Oscar winner still holds up.
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The VCR / DVR / Streaming Alert Thread

Postby dws1982 » Tue Jul 15, 2008 8:57 pm

I can post a few alerts, but I hope Damien and Tee and Big Magilla can come up with others that I may be overlooking.

I'm focusing mainly on movies that aren't available on DVD, and that don't show up on TV very often. I've been able to get several lately, and have started the process of burning them onto DVD. Unfortunately, I made a few mishaps yesterday and ended up deleting Sister Kenny (one of Rosalind Russell's nominated performances), and Task Force (which didn't seem interesting, but I wanted to view as part of my 1949 marathon)

07-17, 10AM EST: Tight Spot (A district attorney tries to get a hardboiled woman to testify against the mob.)

07-18, 9:30 AM EST: They Won't Believe Me (A faithless husband is charged with a murder he didn't commit.) Probably a waste of time, given what I've seen from the director.

07-18, 2:45 PM EST: Knock on Any Door (A crusading lawyer fights to save a juvenile delinquent charged with murder.)

Those are just the first ones that caught my eye as I glanced over the listings through the end of the week, so I'm sure there are plenty of others.

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