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Postby OscarGuy » Tue Mar 18, 2008 8:46 am

Here's an idea. How about separating the posts by decade. Would make it smaller and easier to edit.
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Postby Penelope » Sat Mar 08, 2008 12:42 pm

Well, for some reason, it won't let me edit that original post, so I'll be adding our new selections here, sorry guys, I was hoping to make it easier. But nothing's ever easy, is it?

Cinematography '31/32: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde eliminates Shanghai Express

Picture '38: La Grande Illusion eliminates You Can't Take it With You

Actress '39: Vivien Leigh remains the winner

Actress '42: Bette Davis eliminates Greer Garson

Actor '49: John Wayne eliminates Broderick Crawford

Picture '59: Anatomy of a Murder eliminates Ben-Hur
Actor '59: Jack Lemmon eliminates Charlton Heston

Actress '60: Melina Mercouri eliminates Elizabeth Taylor

Actress '64: Kim Stanley eliminates Julie Andrews

Picture '69: Midnight Cowboy remains the winner

Actress '70: Jane Alexander eliminates Glenda Jackson

Supporting Actor '82: Robert Preston eliminates Louis Gossett Jr.

Cinematography '91: Bugsy eliminates JFK

Actor '93: Liam Neeson eliminates Tom Hanks
Supporting Actor '93: Ralph Fiennes eliminates Tommy Lee Jones

Film Editing '95: Seven eliminates Apollo 13

Cinematography '96: Evita eliminates The English Patient

Picture '97: Good Will Hunting eliminates Titanic

Actress '07: Julie Christie eliminates Marion Cotillard

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Postby Penelope » Wed Mar 05, 2008 6:30 pm

I will use this location to post the results of the Elimination Game, so that we have a permanent spot to check the results and the line-up of players. I suggest that we not post any comments here so that this list remains easy to find. I will update as often as possible.

Cinematography '32/'33: Reunion in Vienna eliminates A Farewell to Arms

Actor '34: William Powell eliminates Clark Gable

Adapted Screenplay '35: The Lives of a Bengal Lancer eliminates The Informer

Supporting Actress '36: Alice Brady eliminates Gale Sondargaard

Director ’37: Gregory LaCava eliminates Leo McCarey
Actress '37: Greta Garbo eliminates Luise Rainer

Picture ’39: The Wizard of Oz eliminates Gone with the Wind
Supporting Actress '39: Maria Ouspenskaya eliminates Hattie McDaniel

Actress '40: Joan Fontaine eliminates Ginger Rogers

Picture '41: Citizen Kane eliminates How Green Was My Valley
Actress '41: Greer Garson eliminates Joan Fontaine

Supporting Actress ’42: Agnes Moorhead eliminates Teresa Wright

Picture ’43: Casablanca remains the winner

Adapted Screenplay '44: Laura eliminates Going My Way

Picture ’45: Spellbound eliminates The Lost Weekend

Director ’46: William Wyler remains the winner

Actress ’47: Joan Crawford eliminates Loretta Young

Director '48: Laurence Olivier eliminates John Huston

Director '49: William Wyler eliminates Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Actress ’50: Bette Davis eliminates Judy Holliday
Supporting Actress ’50: Celeste Holm eliminates Josephine Hull
Black & White Cinematography ’50: All About Eve eliminates The Third Man

Director '51: Elia Kazan eliminates George Stevens
Actor '51: Montgomery Clift eliminates Humphrey Bogart
Actress ’51: Katharine Hepburn eliminates Vivien Leigh
Supporting Actress ’51: Kim Hunter remains the winner

Director '52: John Ford remains the winner

Actor '53: Montgomery Clift eliminates William Holden

Director '54: Alfred Hitchcock eliminates Elia Kazan
Actor ’54: James Mason eliminates Marlon Brando
Actress '54: Dorothy Dandridge eliminates Grace Kelly
Screenplay '54: Rear Window eliminates The Country Girl
Original Song '54: "The Man That Got Away" eliminates "Three Coins in the Fountain"

Picture '55: Marty remains the winner
Actor '55: James Dean eliminates Ernest Borgnine
Actress '55: Katharine Hepburn eliminates Anna Magnani

Picture '56: Giant eliminates Around the World in 80 Days
Adapted Screenplay ’56: Friendly Persuasion eliminates Around the World in 80 Days

Actress ’57: Lana Turner eliminates Joanne Woodward
Supporting Actor '57: Sessue Hayakawa eliminates Red Buttons

Picture '58: The Defiant Ones eliminates Gigi
Actress '58: Susan Hayward remains the winner

Original Screenplay '59: The 400 Blows eliminates Pillow Talk

Director ’60: Alfred Hitchcock eliminates Billy Wilder
Supporting Actor ’60: Sal Mineo eliminates Peter Ustinov

Actor '61: Paul Newman eliminates Maximilian Schell
Actress '61: Audrey Hepburn eliminates Sophia Loren

Actor ’62: Gregory Peck remains the winner
Actress '62: Lee Remick eliminates Anne Bancroft
B&W Cinematography '62: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? eliminates The Longest Day

Director '63: Federico Fellini eliminates Tony Richardson
Original Screenplay '63: 8 1/2 eliminates How the West was Won

Picture '64: Dr. Strangelove eliminates My Fair Lady
Actor '64: Peter Sellers eliminates Rex Harrison
Original Song '64: "Hush...Hush Sweet Charlotte" eliminates "Chim-chim-cheree"

Actor '65: Oskar Werner eliminates Lee Marvin
Actress '65: Samantha Eggar eliminates Julie Christie

Picture '66: The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming eliminates A Man for all Seasons
Actress ’66: Ida Kaminska eliminates Elizabeth Taylor

Picture ’67: The Graduate eliminates In the Heat of the Night
Supporting Actor '67: Gene Hackman eliminates George Kennedy
Adapted Screenplay ’67: The Graduate eliminates In the Heat of the Night

Director ’68: Gillo Pontecorvo eliminates Carol Reed
Actor '68: Peter O'Toole eliminates Cliff Robertson
Supporting Actress ’68: Ruth Gordon remains the winner
Original Song ’68: “Star!” eliminates “The Windmills of My Mind”

Actor '69: Jon Voight eliminates John Wayne
Supporting Actress ’69: Goldie Hawn remains the winner

Director '70: Robert Altman eliminates Franklin J. Schaffner
Actor '70: Melvyn Douglas eliminates George C. Scott
Original Score ’70: Patton eliminates Love Story

Picture '71: The Last Picture Show eliminates The French Connection
Director '71: Peter Bogdonovich eliminates William Friedkin
Actress '71: Julie Christie eliminates Jane Fonda
Cinematography ’71: The Last Picture Show eliminates Fiddler on the Roof

Director '72: Francis Ford Coppola eliminates Bob Fosse
Actor ’72: Paul Winfield eliminates Marlon Brando
Supporting Actor '72: Al Pacino eliminates Joel Grey
Supporting Actress '72: Shelley Winters eliminates Eileen Heckart

Picture '73: Cries and Whispers eliminates The Sting
Film Editing ’73: American Graffiti eliminates The Sting

Best Picture '74: The Towering Inferno eliminates The Godfather Part II
Actor '74: Jack Nicholson eliminates Art Carney
Actress '74: Gena Rowlands eliminates Ellen Burstyn
Supporting Actress '74: Madeline Kahn eliminates Ingrid Bergman

Director ’75: Robert Altman eliminates Milos Forman
Actress '75: Isabelle Adjani eliminates Louise Fletcher
Supporting Actress '75: Lily Tomlin eliminates Lee Grant
Cinematography '75: Barry Lyndon remains the winner

Picture ’76: All the President’s Men eliminates Rocky
Actress '76: Liv Ullmann eliminates Faye Dunaway
Supporting Actress ’76: Piper Laurie eliminates Beatrice Straight

Picture '77: Annie Hall remains the winner
Director ’77: Steven Spielberg eliminates Woody Allen
Supporting Actor ’77: Jason Robards remains the winner
Supporting Actress ’77: Tuesday Weld eliminates Vanessa Redgrave
Original Score '77: Star Wars remains the winner

Actress '78: Ingrid Bergman eliminates Jane Fonda
Original Screenplay ’78: Autumn Sonata eliminates Coming Home

Picture ’79: All That Jazz eliminates Kramer vs. Kramer
Actor '79: Dustin Hoffman remains the winner
Cinematography ’79: Apocalypse Now remains the winner

Director ’80: David Lynch eliminates Robert Redford
Actor ’80: John Hurt eliminates Robert DeNiro
Supporting Actress ’80: Eileen Brennan eliminates Mary Steenburgen
Adapted Screenplay ’80: The Elephant Man eliminates Ordinary People
Original Score '80: The Elephant Man eliminates Fame

Original Screenplay '81: Atlantic City eliminates Chariots of Fire
Original Score '81: Raiders of the Lost Ark eliminates Chariots of Fire

Picture ’82: E.T. eliminates Gandhi
Actor '82: Jack Lemmon eliminates Ben Kingsley
Original Score ’82: Poltergeist eliminates E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Director ’83: Ingmar Bergman eliminates James L. Brooks
Supporting Actor '83: Sam Shepard eliminates Jack Nicholson
Supporting Actress '83: Linda Hunt remains the winner

Actress '84: Judy Davis eliminates Sally Field
Supporting Actor ’84: Haing S. Ngor remains the winner
Supporting Actress '84: Lindsay Crouse eliminates Peggy Ashcroft
Original Song ’84: “Ghostbusters” eliminates “I Just Called to Say I Love You”

Picture '85: Kiss of the Spider Woman eliminates Out of Africa
Original Screenplay ’85: The Official Story eliminates Witness

Original Screenplay '86: My Beautiful Laundrette eliminates Hannah and Her Sisters
Original Score '86: Hoosiers eliminates 'Round Midnight

Director '87: Norman Jewison eliminates Bernardo Bertolucci
Actor '87: Marcello Mastroianni eliminates Michael Douglas
Supporting Actor ’87: Albert Brooks eliminates Sean Connery
Original Screenplay ’87: Radio Days eliminates Moonstruck

Director ’88: Martin Scorsese eliminates Bernardo Bertolucci
Actor '88: Max von Sydow eliminates Dustin Hoffman
Supporting Actress ’88: Geena Davis remains the winner
Original Song ’88: “Let the River Run” remains the winner

Director ’89: Woody Allen eliminates Oliver Stone
Actor ’89: Morgan Freeman eliminates Daniel Day Lewis
Supporting Actress '89: Dianne Wiest eliminates Brenda Fricker
Original Screenplay '89: Do the Right Thing eliminates Dead Poets Society

Actress ’90: Meryl Streep eliminates Kathy Bates
Director '90: Stephen Frears eliminates Kevin Costner
Original Screenplay ’90: Avalon eliminates Ghost

Picture '91: JFK eliminates The Silence of the Lambs
Supporting Actress '91: Jessica Tandy eliminates Mercedes Ruehl
Original Song '91: "Be Our Guest" eliminates "Beauty and the Beast"

Picture ’92: The Crying Game eliminates Unforgiven
Actor ’92: Stephen Rea eliminates Al Pacino
Actress ’92: Susan Sarandon eliminates Emma Thompson
Cinematography ’92: Unforgiven eliminates A River Runs Through It

Picture ’93: The Piano eliminates Schindler’s List

Actor '94: Paul Newman eliminates Tom Hanks
Picture '94: Quiz Show eliminates Forrest Gump
Original Screenplay ’94: Red eliminates Pulp Fiction
Original Score '94: Little Women eliminates The Lion King

Director ’95: Tim Robbins eliminates Mel Gibson
Actor ’95: Sean Penn eliminates Nicolas Cage

Picture '96: Fargo eliminates The English Patient
Actor '96: Woody Harrelson eliminates Geoffrey Rush
Actress ’96: Emily Watson eliminates Frances McDormand
Original Screenplay ’96: Lone Star eliminates Fargo

Actor '97: Robert Duvall eliminates Jack Nicholson
Actress '97: Julie Christie eliminates Helen Hunt
Adapted Screenplay '97: The Sweet Hereafter eliminates L.A. Confidential
Cinematography ’97: L.A. Confidential eliminates Titanic

Director '98: Terence Malick eliminates Steven Spielberg
Actor ’98: Edward Norton eliminates Roberto Benigni
Supporting Actor '98: Robert Duvall eliminates James Coburn
Adapted Screenplay ’98: The Thin Red Line eliminates Gods and Monsters
Original Score '98: The Thin Red Line eliminates Life is Beautiful

Picture '99: American Beauty remains the winner
Actor ’99: Richard Farnsworth eliminates Kevin Spacey
Actress '99: Julianne Moore eliminates the Agent of Satan
Supporting Actress ’99: Toni Collette eliminates Angelina Jolie
Adapted Screenplay ’99: Election eliminates The Cider House Rules
Original Screenplay '99: The Sixth Sense eliminates American Beauty
Cinematography '99: The End of the Affair eliminates American Beauty
Original Score ’99: Angela’s Ashes eliminates The Red Violin

Actor '00: Javier Bardem eliminates Russell Crowe
Film Editing: Traffic remains the winner

Picture ’01: Gosford Park eliminates A Beautiful Mind
Director ’01: Peter Jackson eliminates Ron Howard
Adapted Screenplay '01: Ghost World eliminates A Beautiful Mind
Original Score ’01: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone eliminates LOTR: Fellowship

Picture '02: The Pianist eliminates Chicago
Actress '02: Renée Zelleweger eliminates Nicole Kidman
Cinematography ’02: Far From Heaven eliminates Road to Perdition

Supporting Actor ’03: Tim Robbins remains the winner
Supporting Actress '03: Shoreh Aghdashloo eliminates Renée Zellweger
Original Screenplay ’03: Lost in Translation remains the winner

Picture '04: Million Dollar Baby remains the winner
Actor '04: Clint Eastwood eliminates Jamie Foxx
Actress '04: The Glorious and Great Goddess Known to Mere Mortals as Kate Winslet annihilates the Agent of Satan
Supporting Actor '04: Morgan Freeman remains the winner

Picture '05: Brokeback Mountain eliminates Crash
Director '05: Steven Spielberg eliminates Ang Lee
Actor '05: Heath Ledger eliminates Philip Seymour Hoffman
Original Screenplay '05: The Squid & the Whale eliminates Crash
Cinematography ’05: The New World eliminates Memoirs of a Geisha
Original Score '05: Brokeback Mountain remains the winner

Supporting Actress ’06: Rinko Kikuchi eliminates Jennifer Hudson
Adapted Screenplay '06: Children of Men eliminates The Departed
Editing '06: Children of Men eliminates The Departed

Years not used: 1927-28 to 1931-32; 1934; 1938.

And the current line-up:

Harry Goldfarb (1 Pass: Actor '79)
FilmFan720 (1 Pass: Picture '55)
dws1982 (2 Pass: Director ’46, Picture '04)
Okri (3 Passes: Supporting ’77; Picture ’43, Actress '58)
Bog (2 Passes: Actor ’62; Cinematography ’75)
Flipp (1 Pass: Original Song ’88)
Penelope (2 Passes: Supporting Actress ’68; Cinematography ’78)
rudeboy (1 Pass: Director ’52)
Original BJ (2 Passes: Supporting Actor ’03, Picture '77)
OscarGuy (1 Pass: Cinematography ’79)
Zahveed (2 Passes: Supporting Actress ’88; Original Score ’05)
RainBard (2 Passes: Supporting Actor ’84; Original Score ’77)
Cinemanolis (1 Pass: Picture '99)
Sabin (1 Pass: Film Editing ’00)
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