Sight & Sound Best Documentaries List

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Re: Sight & Sound Best Documentaries List

Postby Mister Tee » Fri Aug 01, 2014 3:02 pm

Illustrating that documentaries have not been my primary focus in life, I've only seen 20 of these. In fact, another 20 I've never even heard of (unless some of the foreign titles are something I know by another name).

It might be worth noting here that Robert Drew, the director of Primary, died Wednesday. He was viewed as something of a father of the modern documentary, not least because on Primary he had, as cinematographers and sound men, Albert Maysles, Ricky Leacock and D. A. Pennebaker. I've said this before: this is like coming across a sandlot baseball game in 1992 with Jeter, ARod and Garciaparra ranging around the infield.

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Sight & Sound Best Documentaries List

Postby ksrymy » Fri Aug 01, 2014 1:55 am

01. Man with a Movie Camera
02. Shoah
03. Sans Soleil
04. Night and Fog
05. The Thin Blue Line
06. Chronicle of a Summer
07. Nanook of the North
08. The Gleaners and I
=09. Don't Look Back
=09. Grey Gardens
11. The Sorrow and the Pity
=12. Grizzly Man
=12. Land without Bread
=12. Nostalgia for the Light
=15. F for Fake
=15. The Up Series
=17. Hoop Dreams
=17. West of the Tracks
=19. The Act of Killing
=19. The Battle of Chile
=19. The House Is Black
=19. Listen to Britain
23. The Emperor's Naked Army Marches on
=24. Harlan County, USA
=24. Histoire(s) du Cinèma
=24. Salesman
27. Titicut Follies
=28. Capturing the Friedmans
=28. Gimme Shelter
30. Leviathan
=31. Lessons of Darkness
=31. The Quince Tree Sun
=33. Night Mail
=33. Primary
=35. Crumb
=35. A Diary for Timothy
=37. Close-up
=37. The Fog of War
=37. Los Angeles Plays Itself
=37. Man on Wire
=37. Moi, un noir
=37. Portrait of Jason
=37. À Propos de Nice
=37. Roger & Me
=37. Le Sang des bêtes
=37. The War Game
=47. Culloden
=47. Diaries, Notes and Sketches: Walden
=47. D'Est
=47. Handsworth Songs
=47. The Hour of the Furnaces
=47. Seasons
=47. Triumph of the Will
=47. Waltz with Bashir
=47. Welfare
=47. Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory
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