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This film is a stinker. So bad, that it hasn't received reviews on IMdb, and now I know why. Filmed in 2006 or 2007, and I think went straight to DVD.

The cast is pretty good at first look: Gerard Butler, Maria Bello and Pierce Brosnan. The latter is The Villain.

However, near the end of the film, it appears the characters run out of steam, and the director loses interest with the rest of us. The he decides that he doesn't want to continue filming this story--he wants to do ANOTHER story, and as we are busy second-guessing the "hero", and beginning to nod off, all of a sudden the story veers away from its intended finish and barrels on into another story with the same people.
We looked at one another and said "Wha hoppen?"
Totally unsatisfying 90 minutes. Avoid this film when it appears on TV, where it will receive maybe one star.

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