Sandra Bullock & Donaldli Ingalls

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Re: Sandra Bullock & Donaldli Ingalls

Postby Sonic Youth » Wed Apr 25, 2012 7:27 pm

But you haven't posted on this website:

Try them. Sandy hangs out over there. You'll have better luck winning her amour.
"What the hell?"
Win Butler

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Sandra Bullock & Donaldli Ingalls

Postby Donaldli » Wed Apr 25, 2012 5:56 pm

Declaration of the MOST POWERFUL Love Ever!

Sandra Annette Bullock this is your Donaldli Mark Ingalls
I Love You Button! New York Daily News on
April 18, 2012... I yelled at them pretty loud.

I also sent email to 250 lawyers (all of them I think) at LBBS law
Firm in Los Angeles. And I sent emails to 75 newspapers across
the country (USA).

I even emailed and posted on websites in other countries like France
Egypt, Norway, Brazil, Germany, and Mexico too! All in all I did this
in 36 different languages!

Love Is Powerful!

PS Everyone who reads this should GOOGLE Sandy and Donaldli
e.g. Sandra Bullock FBI
Sandra Bullock Seattle
Sandra Bullock Donaldli Ingalls

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