US Diplomats Killed In Libya

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Re: US Diplomats Killed In Libya

Postby OscarGuy » Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:47 pm

Rumor currently is that Al'Qaeda operatives in Libya used the incident of the protests to attack the embassy and it was not the protesters themselves who were responsible. It's interesting that they would know exactly where the diplomat would be.

And Romney using the situation for political gain is probably one of the dumbest things he's yet done in this campaign. Regardless of your personal feelings about the CiC, you DON'T use a tragedy of this proportion to attack anyone. It's why Rudy Giuliani is a douchebag (and here will come Criddic to defend Saint Rudy).
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US Diplomats Killed In Libya

Postby kaytodd » Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:54 pm

You are probably aware of the tragic events in Libya in which the US Ambassador and 3 other US diplomats were killed by slimeballs armed with RPGs. The most important thing to remember about this episode is that 4 dedicated public servants were murdered. Also the exact way this went down should be investigated. The anti-Muslim film that supposedly got the mobs in Benghazi and Cairo fired up has supposedly been available on Youtube for some time. But, on 9/11 of all dates mobs descended on the US embassy in Cairo and the US consulate in Benghazi to protest the film because they were told it was being broadcast that night. Among the crowd in Benghazi were several men armed with RPGs. They attacked the consulate, killing the US ambassador to Libya who just happened to be visiting there from his HQ in Tripoli. This all merits a closer look.

One potential silver lining: Mitt Romney may have brought his campaign for President to an end. Read the statement his campaign issued last night, the remarks he and Paul Ryan made today, and rmarks made by various GOP talking heads in desparate attempts to undo the damage to Romney's and the GOP's brand. The brazen attempt to make short term political gain out of this tragedy and to do so with comments that were obviously false was shocking to talking heads on both the left and right. By any reasonable, objective standard, Romney utterly lacks the judgment, gravitas and maturity to be the US President. And it appears his campaign is made up of equally inept people and they will be rewarded with high level positions should Romney be elected President.
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