What are you listening to?

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Re: What are you listening to?

Postby Greg » Fri Nov 18, 2016 7:53 pm

Paul Krugman has regular "Friday Night Music" posts on his Twitter account. I think this is one of his best posts, especially because we could all use some cheering up.

Arcade Fire - Wake Up | Reading Festival 2010:

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Re: What are you listening to?

Postby Big Magilla » Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:43 pm

I sold my vinyl collection when I went to CDs in the 80s. Who knew they would eventually come up with turntables that could be connected to a computer with a USB cable?

I liked Bowie in the 70s and Cohen is timeless of course, but I'm afraid I would't know one contemporary singer/goup from another. I stopped paying attention to popular music in the mid-80s.
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What are you listening to?

Postby ksrymy » Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:11 pm

I haven't seen a thread like this around here (direct me to one if I missed it), but I'd really like to hear all your opinions on music and what you've been listening to lately. This can also be a thread for new music that's arriving soon and reviews as well.

Right now, I've been listening to pretty much nothing but David Bowie (my all-time favorite), Leonard Cohen, and U2.

I've recently made my way through Leonard Cohen's entire discography and, my God, is he one of the most underrated musicians alive. The only times his name pops up anymore is when a terrible pop star puts out a mediocre version of his "Hallelujah" (It's been on American Idol, X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke put out a version, John Cale's version was in Shrek, Justin Timberlake released it as a single for the Haiti relief program, Rufus Wainwright's is still more famous somehow). The only respectable cover I've heard has been Jeff Buckley's which may be better than Cohen's as Buckley's cover uses a few different verses (Cohen took a year to write the song and it has 100+ verses each for which you have to pay him to use in your own version (minus the first one or two verses I believe)) to emphasize the strong sexuality of the song instead of the religious side which Cohen showcased. I think his master work though is his 1988 album I'm Your Man. The album is raw lust and with Cohen's newly-found baritone voice its replay value is significantly better than most.

I find that whenever I bring U2 up in conversation when someone asks what I'm listening to or who my favorite bands are the immediate response I get is "I hate U2" and every single time I get the other person to admit within thirty seconds that they don't hate U2 or their music they just think Bono is a pompous ass. Whether you think he is or isn't, you cannot deny U2's excellency.

I just purchased my 125th-128th vinyl LP and 13th 45 today. For under $50, I got Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy, Leonard Cohen's I'm Your Man, and OutKast's Speakerboxxx/The Love Below as well as Roy Orbison's "Crying/Candy Man." I do have a record player that I use frequently unlike those silly hipsters and their massive vinyl collection of unused records.

I'm predicting Florence + the Machine will do very well in regards to nominations at these coming Grammy Awards because everything coming out this year looks very boring to be frank. The only other albums I would even consider awarding anything to would be Leonard Cohen's Old Ideas, Gotye's Making Mirrors, and Ellie Goulding's Lights (which is odd because Britpop is something I usually find very tasteless. Her, Adele, and Florence are making the genre tolerable for me. But those boy bands... good God they need to disappear quickly).

So, board, what are you listening to?
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