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Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 9:37 am
by OscarGuy
These issues should be fixed. The new categories were not set up to be viewed by all users as I had expected them automatically to be.

If you still have problems let me know. If you were having problems and those problems are now fixed, also let me know.

My apologies for the inconvience.

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 9:43 pm
by OscarGuy
The issues are persisting. I have requested help from the support forums for ikonboard...I don't know what's causing the problems.

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 8:57 pm
by OscarGuy
If you are having issues viewing certain sections of the board, go into your cache, delete the files in your page viewer cache, and try again.

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