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Postby OscarGuy » Sun Nov 18, 2007 11:41 pm

To better align the board's titles with the very subjects we discuss, I've made some changes to the membership structure as detailed below.

Guests are now called Spectators. They cannot post replies or start topics, but they should now be able to read posts.

Awaiting Authorization are now called Extras. These new members to the Oscar Guy "set" are allowed to post replies and read posts while they're awaiting approval but cannot start topics.

Super Admins are now called Producers. They run the whole show.

OFTA members are being classified as either Auteurs or Directors. They have access to an OFTA-only section of the site. They have equal access to all sections of the site. The separation in names will become evident if you pay attention, but it's a secret, so don't spill the beans.

Regular members are either Actors or Character Actors. They have access to all sections of the site except the OFTA and Admin-only areas. Same secret reason for a differentiation.

The newest category belongs to those who have been on this board at least three years and who have proven themselves to be dedicated posters who have helped shape the face of this board. These individuals will be classified as either Icons or Legends. You should get the drift. These members will eventually have access to a new Icons forum where they can discuss topics that the newer ears probably shouldn't hear. It's up to the Icons to really decide what goes there. The warning is this: if you post too many topics there that should be open to all members, I will move the topics into the appropriate area and may consider revoking your legendary status.

I'm also adding a titles system. It relates specifically to the number of posts you've made.

This is intended to be a fun recognition of how much you post to the forums. Not everyone has the time to post and we're not going to hold your titular rank against you. But if you've put the time in to contribute, this is a way to recognize that.

The titles are are based on professor titles and ranks. Since we are all educated in the ways of the Oscars, the number of posts we've contributed have determined the position within the UAADB University each teacher has obtained.

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