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Postby HarryGoldfarb » Thu Mar 13, 2008 6:48 am

Actually, if you count only acting nods, the biggest gap between two nominations belongs to Henry Fonda. Between The Grapes of Wrath and his following ACTING nomination (for On Golden Pond) there are 41 years.
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Postby Big Magilla » Thu Mar 13, 2008 5:30 am

It's way too early for me to have much of an idea as to what is going to be nominated, let alone win, next year's awards, but I was perusing the predicitons at another site and something caught my eye. Someone has Patty McCormack as a potential nominee for playing Pat Nixon in Frost/Nixon.

I haven't seen the play and have no idea if the part is attention grabbing enough to even register, but if she is nominated, the brat from The Bad Seed will set a new record for years between nominations - 52. Without doing the reserach I think the current record is 38 years, jointly held by Helen Hayes and Jack Palance. Hayes holds the record for years between first and second awards - the same 38.
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