Hi Guys!

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Hi Guys!

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What's your name?
Where are you from (city, state, country, etc.)? (REQUIRED)
Originally? Fairbanks, Alaska. Currently? Denver, Colorado
What's your favorite movie?
Here is my top 5. 5- Hester Street 4- Curse of the Golden Flower 3- Almost Famous 2- Anna 1- Requiem for A Dream
Whose Oscar win do you most cherish?
Here is my top 5. 5- The Sting winning Best Picture 4- Christopher Walken winning Supporting Actor 3- Jack Nicholson winning Best Actor 2- Roman Polanski winning Best director for The Pianist 1- Tom Hanks winning 2 years in a row for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump
Whose Oscar victory do you most revile?
Top 5. 5- Juliette Binoche Winning Supporting Actress, it belonged to Marianne Jean-Baptiste 4- Melissa Leo Winning Supporting Actress, it belonged to Jacki Weaver, 3- A Clockwork Orange losing Best Picture. 2- Any win from Jessica Lange ( Can't stand her) her Oscar for Tootsie belonged to either Leslie Ann-Warren or Teri Garr, 1- Julia Roberts winning Best Actress over Ellen Burstyn in Requiem for A Dream. The biggest bullshit ever
What are your favorite pastimes?
Reading, writing, I love smoking. Cooking, and traveling to different countries
What do you do for a living?
Program Director for a chain of news channels
What brought you to our fine board? (REQUIRED)
Great talk about great film with hopefully some great people

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