Fox greenlights "24" the movie

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Postby MovieWes » Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:54 pm

I've heard that there is the possibility of a spin-off featuring a new character in the CTU. I wonder if the recent addition of Freddie Prinze, Jr. to the cast as Jack's partner is an indication of the direction they could potentially take.
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Postby kaytodd » Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:52 am

I lost interest in 24 a couple of seasons ago. But the recent announcement that the TV series is ending coupled with the film being greenlighted makes me want to get back into it to see how it ends. I have assumed that this now practically legendary series would go out in a spectacular way. Not necessarily with Jack's death (though that was always a possibility) but just something that alters Jack's life forever in a major way.

They can go with whatever ending they want for the series if the film is a prequel of sorts. Perhaps the story of Jack's adventures in the Balkans that led to the crises in the first season (too bad Dennis Hopper cannot be a part of this). I think that would be an excellent idea for the film. They can still get the benefit of the 24 brand and make an action film without the restrictions placed on the story by having the film take place in a single day. Surnow and his team have shown a lot of imagination in making eight single day stories, though the strain has been showing the last couple of seasons. I think they could create a very interesting film out of Jack Bauer's missions in the Balkans.
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Postby Sonic Youth » Wed Feb 10, 2010 10:58 am

Jack Bauer takes aim at big screen: Fox greenlights '24' the movie

BY Ethan Sacks
Tuesday, February 9th 2010, 2:17 PM

Jack Bauer's big screen debut is now officially on the clock.

Twentieth Century Fox's film division is scooping up its hit TV series, "24," starring Kiefer Sutherland as the no-nonsense enemy to terrorists everywhere, and gunning to spin it off into a potential feature film franchise, Variety reported.

Screenwriter Bill Ray ("State of Play") is maneuvering to send Bauer to Europe, and has been endorsed by Sutherland, according to intelligence reports.

It could take a long time, however, for "24" to go into production, since the producers and cast are currently filming the eighth season of the show, and a ninth season is still a possibility. Fox insiders told Variety that a decision on renewing "24" for another season could be based on ratings out this week.

"We thought it would be kind of cruel and unusual punishment to ask the writers to script the equivalent of 12 films a year and then say, 'By the way, in your off-time come up with an unbelievable idea that's so superb that we could justify making a feature out of it," Sutherland told Parade last year. "So we collectively decided that when the show is finished then we would take it on."

But the studio sees some ammunition in assigning Bauer to the big screen to compete with the likes of Bond and Bourne.

The last time Fox turned one of its TV properties into a movie in 2007, "The Simpsons" grossed $527.1 million worldwide at the box office.
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