2010: Passing Strange

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Postby rain Bard » Mon Jul 06, 2009 6:51 pm

The date you have must be the upcoming release date (Perhaps theatrically, though it may even be a TV release or DVD release date).

It played the Sundance Film Festival (which is always in January) and Tribeca (always in late-April/early-May) already.

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Postby OscarGuy » Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:47 pm

I just got the following from a press release sent to me. Spike Lee is directing (I don't know if this one has been posted or brought up before). It is showing at both Sundance and Tribeca with a listed release date of 8/21/09 (whether that's one of the festivals or if it's the actual theatrical release date, I'm not sure, but I'm leaning towards festival opening.


In this breathtaking film, Spike Lee captures the highly-acclaimed eponymous Broadway musical show written by singer/songwriter Stew (with music cowritten by his creative partner, Heidi Rodewald). The original show, winner of the 2008 Tony Award in for Best Book of a Musical, was universally applauded for its originality, its deep emotional resonance, and its powerful, often high-octane, music. The resulting work unites revelatory theater with superb filmmaking, raising the whole to a dizzying plateau of emotional engagement.

PASSING STRANGE: THE MOVIE tells the semi-autobiographical story of a young black man who leaves behind his middle-class, church-ruled upbringing in mid-1970s Los Angeles to travel to Europe in search of his artistic and personal identity, or what he calls “the real.” Picaresque misadventures with sex, drugs, politics, and art await him in far-out Amsterdam and hyper-militant Berlin. His eyes are opened ever wider, even revealing what he left behind. An absolutely superb cast, ably supported by sparing (but pitch-perfect) costumes, design, and stagecraft, bring to life the emotionally charged story with its astounding original music, narrated and overseen by Stew himself. Lee’s multicamera coverage of the event (including backstage scenes) involves the audience in not only the text but the electricity of the ensemble’s onstage adventure.

PASSING STRANGE: THE MOVIE is a tour-de-force of creative collaboration and inspiration.
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