One last Hurray for the Golden Globes

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Postby sijmen » Wed Apr 21, 2010 3:42 am

One last Golden Globe observation, before filing this year to the archive:

In the last 6 years there was only one winner from the Golden Globes to win the Best Picture Oscar (Slumdog Millionnaire).

In an age where every critivcs group and industry award celebrates the same film(s), this is a big reason to respect the Globes even more! Even if their winners aren't that impressive, at least they have a taste of their own.

This is their best picture winners list:

2009 Avatar &The Hangover
2008 Slumdog Millionaire & Vicky Cristina Barcelona
2007 Atonement & Sweeney Todd
2006 Babel & Dreamgirls
2005 Brokeback Mountain & Walk the Line
2004 The Aviator & Sideways

So hurray for the Golden Globes!

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